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High Blood Pressure > Damage To Your Eyes
High Blood Pressure

Damage To Your Eyes

Very tiny, delicate blood vessels supply blood to your eyes. Like other vessels, they, too, are exposed to the damage of high blood pressure:

  • Retinopathy. High blood pressure can damage the vessels supplying blood to your retina. Damaged enough, the blood vessels can leak or become blocked, resulting in retinopathy. This condition can lead to bleeding in the eye, microaneurysms, swelling of the head of the optic nerve, blurred vision and complete loss of sight. If you also have diabetes along with high blood pressure, you're at an especially increased risk of diabetic retinopathy.
  • Choroidopathy. In this condition, fluid accumulates under the retina because of a leaky blood vessel in the choroid, a layer of blood vessels located under the retina. Choroidopathy can result in vision distortion or in some cases scarring that impairs vision.
  • Optic neuropathy. This is a condition in which the optic nerve sustains damage because its blood supply is blocked. It can lead to the death or dysfunction of optic nerve cells, which may cause bleeding within your eye or vision loss.
High Blood Pressure